Tools Needed for Tree Cutting and Removal 

Tree cutting and removal is a dangerous work. Trying to knock down a big tree from the ground requires specific set of skills and knowledge related to tree’s biological features. Tree cutting and removal job is for professionals only so you’re not encouraged to do it by yourself especially if you lack the essential things: skills and equipment. But do you wonder how the professionals did a tree removal at Severna Park and what equipment they use? To give you an idea, here’s the list of tools they use.  

 Tree Cutting

Crosscut Saws 

One of the reasons why a tree cutting and removal job is not for loners because an equipment needs two people to successfully operate it. Crosscut saws need two people for each of the saw’s handle. One person will stand on one side of the tree and other person should be at the other end, then one of them holds the saw at a 45 degree angle before they begin sawing. One of the reasons too that you are encouraged to hire a professional; because this equipment vary in length depending on the diameter of the tree needs removing.  


Axes are common and oldest trusted tool for a tree removal job. It’s because it’s easy to use and very sharp too. An axe has a small handle that’s easy to grip and use. There are also types that are used for specific purposes. A double-sided axe is for cutting the trees down and the pick axe one is for prying tree roots from the soil. The axe only needs sharpening for a person to use again.  


One of the most powerful tools that a professional uses for a tree removal job is a chainsaw. It runs on gas, electricity and battery which suits whatever your needs are. Electric powered chainsaws are usually used for trimming and pruning trees or for shaping the shrubs. On the other hand, gas-powered chainsaws are for cutting and felling trees. The battery-powered ones are for those who want convenience while doing their job. 


A ladder is very useful especially when the tree is near obstacles or is very tall. You have to rope it down so you need a ladder to reach its higher parts. This is one of the most dangerous parts because a person might fall off the ladder if he doesn’t know what to do exactly when he’s already up there.  


Rope is also essential for removing and felling off the tree. You need to safely pull down some parts of the tree and you have to rope it to do that. There are proper techniques to do this, so if you don’t know what and how then call a professional.  

Stump Grinders 

Stump grinders are typically useful after the tree removal job. The stump should be removed and it’s a difficult task since the roots of the tree run deep beneath the soil. This equipment has rotating teeth that quickly and easily dispose the stump and its roots.